Safety & Training



Boston Cleaning Co., Inc. has established administrative policies for the reduction and prevention of on-the-job accidents and illnesses and the protection of the environment. These policies are to be used as a foundation for establishing safety and environmental health programs for our organization.


It is Boston Cleaning Co., Inc.’s environmental health and safety policy that no job is so unimportant and no service so urgent, that we cannot take time to perform our work safely and in an environmentally conscientious manner.


The purpose of Boston Cleaning Co., Inc.’s environmental health & safety program are to:
* Provide all employees and customers with a safe and healthy work environment.
* Develop a safety awareness among employees and others engaged in work for Boston Cleaning Co., Inc. so
that accidents (personal injuries and property damage) and occupational illnesses will be reduced to a minimum
* Identify and control safety, public health and environmental hazards associated with their operations and
* Work constructively with government agencies and others to develop and implement laws, regulations and standards
to protect public health, safety and the environment.



Boston Cleaning Co., Inc. believes that the health and safety of its employees and customers are of the greatest importance.

Safety Policy:

Boston Cleaning Co., Inc. will conduct its operations and construct and maintain its facilities in a manner conducive to the creation of a healthy and safe work environment for all personnel and the surrounding community.

Safety Goals:

Employees should realize the following goals through the health and safety policy:
* The development of an ongoing safety consciousness among all members of Boston Cleaning Co.
* A reduction in occupational injuries and illnesses and the associated loss of productivity

Safety Principles:

The success of Boston Cleaning Co., lnc.’s health and safety effort depends on:
* Acceptance of the concept that all serious injuries can be prevented
* All employees and staff participating in health and safety training programs and recognizing that it is to everyone’s
advantage to work safely.


All Boston Cleaning Co., lnc.’s employees have an individual responsibility to:
* Know and follow all health and safety rules, policies and procedures for the area in which they are working
* Maintain a safe work environment
* Use good judgment
* Report to their supervisor immediately all unsafe conditions, accidents and work related injuries and illnesses
* Know the hazards of the materials and equipment they work with and follow the specified Precautions
* Properly use all safety equipment provided and
* Participate as needed in safety training programs.

Boston Cleaning Co., Inc. employees also have a collective responsibility to assure that their work activity
is conducted in such a way as to not affect the safety of others.

First Level Supervisor:

Managers and supervisors are responsible for being knowledgeable of and implementing applicable policies and directives and taking other action, as required, to assure that personnel and operations they supervise comply with applicable requirements. This includes taking positive action to determine and reduce, to as low as reasonably achievable, the accidents and incidents associated with their operations, informing employees of the safety hazards associated with their work, instructing employees in safe work methods, keeping the individual performing the specific tasks apprised of the most recent procedure and trained in its implementation and ensuring that they perform their work according to requirements.

Upper Level Management and Ownership:

Upper level managers and Ownership have the primary and final responsibility for operations in our organization and for taking the necessary measures to make certain that all divisions and/ or departments of Boston Cleaning Co., Inc. comply with all established safety requirements. Upper management and Ownership is also responsible for conforming facility operations and all other activities under their direction to the requirements specified of the Boston Cleaning Co., Inc. Health & Safety Management Policies and its implementing plans and procedures.